Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

Heavy Machines That Move the World!

Large Machine Auctions

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers sell the BIG TOYS!

If you like to make the earth shake, visit our Heavy Equipment Auctions!

Sure to put a smile on your face!

Our licensed and professional auction staff has over 100 years of sales and experience.

Do you like it big?  How big?  That big?,  No problem.

We can get two of them for you at hopefully the best price in the market.

What is your Return on Investment?

You owe yourself and the company savings and profit.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Possible Opportunities

You need Heavy Equipment Auctioneers.

Professional Heavy Machinery Auctions are our passion.

Make Your Earth Move!

Contact us for consultations, assistance and professional auction services.

The majority of heavy equipment is purchased at auction or through auctioneers.  Wholesale large equipment auctions are our specialty.  If you are in the market to buy or sell new or used large equipment do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers.  All sizes shapes colors crafts and kinds of massive machinery ready for sale and shipping.  Lots are sold AS IS, Warrantees made by the manufacturer are not those of New York City Auction House, we auction items AS IS, WHERE IS, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, PAYMENT DUE AFTER AUCTION.


Generally there is an auction house 10% buyer’s premium on every purchase unless stated differently. All United States Sales taxes apply, and vary slightly depending upon location, but usually are near 8-9%.  International VAT may apply, inquire if you intend to sell or buy from a non U.S. Country or territory.

Thank you for selling and buying large machinery.

We appreciate your business.

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

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Heavy Machinery Auctions

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

Auctioning Heavy Machinery

If it’s heavy, call in our professional crew!

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers are experienced, licensed and bonded auctioneers contracted by leading industry behemoths to direct their multi billion dollar international auctions.

If your organization demands the best bilingual auctioneers, interperaters, processing staff, and support squad, CONTACT


Our friendly staff enjoy participating in creative business to business problem solving.  We create financial solutions for corporations of all sizes.

From dusty trail sales to black tie red carpet events, our heavy machinery auctioneers are the best in the auction industry with performance, attention, flexibility and character.

Find your auction solution today!

Ask about our special deals on Multi Milliondollar American Bilingual Auction Professionals!

Two Languages, Two Buyers, Two Countries, One Low Price!

When time is money, get it done right, get it done fast!

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers

Move your world today!

New York City Auction House

We support global competition on the auction platform.  International companies compete to sell and buy from our professional heavy equipment auctioneers.  The accelerated sale, when promoted and supported properly, provides savings for buyers, profits for sellers, and a living for the magicians who make it all possible, licensed and bonded auctioneers.  Buyers respond to unique quality goods and services at reduced prices.  Sellers profit from price competition among interested buyers.

Heavy Equipment Auctioneers can serve as your in house consulting group, diplomatic translation department, marketing team, production staff, financial support group, customer service network and certainly function as experienced large machine auctioneers for English or Spanish speaking crowds in the tens of thousands.

When your organization is ready to buy or sell, contact Heavy Equipment Auctioneers.

Our Auctioneers are Ready to Hear From You!

Click Here to Hear an Auctioneer


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